The Cure for Viruses

By taking the capsid of a virus. We extract the RNA of the virus.
Upon studying the RNA of the virus. We learn all there is to know of the virus. For the RNA instead of DNA carries the genetic information of a virus.
We then edit the RNA of the virus. Re-written as a virus that
is no longer a threat or an enemy to the human body. Enclosing the re-written RNA into the capsid, it is then introduced through inoculation.

The new rewritten virus capsid gets right to work copying the new RNA into all the cells of the body even already infected cells. The re-written RNA will never mutate making an individual immune indefinite to the virus.
The virus is no longer a threat.

Using nature with nature rule applies here as well. Using the virus against itself making it no longer to do harm, but keep a perfect line of defense. Making viruses allies instead of enemies of the body is the goal through re-writing RNA, forever changing the status quo for human life. Immunity for Humanity.

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