The Arkabama Chronicles


 Concerning   Project   Zenith


Project Zenith is over two thousand years old. The purpose put into Zenith is its core objectives. Which has been able to maintain its hold for a period. Now a time has come when it is no longer needed.


The objectives you see are to spy on the population while maintaining control of the people it adopts. It is a global spy network that is cloaked in what can be seen only as a good thing in the name of God.


All sins that are confessed to another is data collected on you. If it so happens that data collected on you sets off red flags, such data (information) is then sent off to the Vatican which is one of the many headquarters of project Zenith.


I know right, real shocker. Who would’ve thought the Catholic Church is one of the many spying projects from history. For there are many others.


Wait to you see just how far Zenith would go to protect the project and how your data (information) was used in the days before advanced technology. Entire lineages have suffered from project Zenith. History clears the view for the future. The Spying got more advanced.


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