The Arkabama Chronicles


 Concerning Project Messias


This project is by far the worst for humanity. Earth is overpopulated to the point that no system can keep up with the inhabitants. There always has to be a plan formed to deal with every issue that arises. Even to the point of sacrificing lives.


The world population has been introduced to a specific mixture of Nano Neurons. These are the known ways that they have been introduced. Through the air you breath due to the fact that they are being released into the atmosphere, the food you eat, and finally, inoculation.


This mixture of Nano Neurons are designed to destroy. To destroy human life. Literally the body will vaporize from the inside. Now the world powers have ultimate power. Enabling them with the power to kill off mass amounts of human life.


With multiple waves of people being vaporized, many are going to say it is Armageddon. For only God can save the people from such ill fate. If you thought the black death was horrid. Seeing humans vaporized into black ash floating through the air is a sight to behold.


With bringing down the earth’s population, the plan does not stop there. These world powers are not just world powers. They are considered the intergalactic association. The bases are stationed throughout the solar system of the milky way galaxy.


The association controls everything from safe distances. The technology is so advanced that all underground bases on earth are seen. Nothing can be hidden in or on earth.


To control all future population upon the earth. The intergalactic association will be using 5-D imagery of a misleading messias living in the temple built for such purpose.






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