The Arkabama Chronicles


Concerning Project Voukolos


Project Voukolos deals with multiple social dating apps and websites. The Voukolos is a society of people that live like normal everyday citizens. The groups obsession is posing on different social dating apps and websites to find their victims.

Only until recently with the advancements made in technology and the ability to implement them into space for use. We can now see beneath the surface of the earth. We have been able to uncover multiple hidden private cemeteries hidden under private land in rural areas around the globe. This is aiding in solving very old murder cases as well take down organizations that use humans in unnatural ways.

There are those however, who think they are part of this society when in fact they aren’t. They are just very sloppy at what they do. Most of the time dumping the victims off in rural roads, fields, rivers, lakes, and ravines. The Voukolos are never sloppy. Technology is too advance now to hide crimes as well with all the advancements made with DNA.

We are now just uncovering what’s underneath the sands of Egypt. Using all the data being collected. It is helping to understand the human race and its place among the cosmos.
Finally the earth is able to give up all its secrets.
As more and more of the evils of humankind are exposed. Humanities society is unhinging at the horrors unraveling.

There is not much else to be said about the Voukolos project. As of currently we are seeing it dissolve rather quickly. For your safety always be very cautious when using dating apps and websites. Project Voukolos is now considered a project of exposure.

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