Where We Live

As the morning’s day

Begins to warm

A breeze stirs

It sets free

The coolness trapped

Under the shade of the trees

As the coolness of night

Begins to take hold

The evening air is filled 

With the rhythmic sounds

In the darkness of night

The stars

The moon

Illuminate the skies

In the light of day

The sun shines forth

For all to see

The beauty

Could this be home


We are playing tag

God is it

By the touch of God

You’ll be frozen in space

God always wins

Just enjoy the fun

You know the rules

You know the game

It’s a matter of time

With all these rhymes

Combined in one

You can find

What’s inside

You’ll need it for the ride

Take it all in stride

Don’t lose the pace

Before long

You’ll be frozen in space

Now you know

How it ends

Do you know how it begins

We are playing tag

Love is it

Love always wins

Love is where it all begins