I am ever grateful

To that which has given life

To the one that started it all

To thee I give thanks

for such beautifulness

In all of the variety

Which can be called the spice of life

Maybe not by all

Round and round

Which the wheel keeps spinning

And so it goes

It has no beginning

Nor has an ending

Forever meeting

Round and round

We go

Spinning in a circle

In a spherical motion

Just going with the flow

There is a rainbow

And a perfect halo

With wings being optional

Ever sweet music always plays

Too charge the soul

And stir emotions of expression

Ever causing movement

Always moving completing a cycle

In many different forms

Making such bedazzling sparks

Such a pretty light show

I love the glow

And no I can never stop

Being amazed and in awe

Of such wonders

Always leaves me feeling lost in all

Caught in this space

Which is everything

Knowing nothing could ever compete

Or duplicate nor replace

And so I always have a hold

Fitting in the fold

Living in this beautiful sphere

That we call home