The Omniverse Academy

The Order Of The Ancients are accepting members into The Galactic Order. All members will attend the Omniverse Academy located within the Hydra Cluster Of Galaxies. While attending the Academy you will receive training and substantial knowledge of the Omniverse for your adoption into the order. Keep an eye out for your invitation to arrive.

The Hall Of Eternal Records of past, present, and future is located within the Black Eye Galaxy. Potential members are to be advised that the Black Eye Galaxy is the record keeper of all things in the Omniverse. Knowledge is a power you will need for your travels and adventures between the realms.

Once you are a member of The Galactic Order you will be a defender. Part of an elite order trained to protect the Omniverse. All members will receive an Iodrone. Gifted from the Master Of The Omniverse to assist members in maintaining balance, justice, and order throughout the Omniverse.