Fuck What Ya Heard

Don’t touch my tools

You could get broken bones

You’re always in my biz

What the fuck do you know

About my home grown

As I connect the dots

I make visible

What was invisible

Thought you knew

Now you do

What happen to the trust

Fuck what ya heard

I’m not about the words

All about the verbs

Try not to swerve

Hit the curb

Or you’ll get served

For spreading such dirt

You know that I’m the type 

That loves it real

So fuck what ya heard

I’m gonna show you what I learned

So go sing like a bird

You sound like a turd

Plainly absurd

Don’t listen to the lies

Keep your eyes on mine

You’re in for a surprise

You’ll love the size

Gonna get lost in this vibe

Show you how we can combine

One rhythm 

One rhyme

Frozen in time

I am your angel

Who craves you inside

I get down on my knees

I want your love

All over me

Electric surges

Pulsating inside

So fuck what ya heard

You’ll always be mine


We are playing tag

God is it

By the touch of God

You’ll be frozen in space

God always wins

Just enjoy the fun

You know the rules

You know the game

It’s a matter of time

With all these rhymes

Combined in one

You can find

What’s inside

You’ll need it for the ride

Take it all in stride

Don’t lose the pace

Before long

You’ll be frozen in space

Now you know

How it ends

Do you know how it begins

We are playing tag

Love is it

Love always wins

Love is where it all begins

Your Love

I want nothing

But your love

Why does it have to be this way

You should know by now

I need nothing

But your love

When push comes to shove

I look above

Even if beyond reach

You teach

In your speech

Love is all that is needed

Now that I am breathless

Don’t be careless

I sure get restless

Try not to be reckless

Yet I stand

Knowing love is all I need

To get me through

To lift me up

To make anew

Don’t misconstrue

Become subdued

I want nothing

But your love

I have nothing

But your love

Trying to transcribe

To best describe

What has been inscribed

I need nothing

But your love

I see what is inside

How love provides

Not full of pride

How worlds collide

Where love resides