The Galactic Order

The Galactic Order

A sci-fi , action, adventure series. The series is going to follow the adventures of The Galactic Order as well as The Order of the Ancients. You are promised to learn a lot of the secrets of the Omniverse. Planets, stars, constellations, iodrones, and, dimensional layers of excitement await within the series. Learning to read star maps is a must for navigational skills while space traveling.

The Galactic Order vows to save and protect all reaches of space. To keep the omniverse in peace, justice, order, and harmony. They are also known as the keepers of all time and knowledge. The Galactic Order is governed by The Order of the Ancients, which is governed by the mysterious one known to all orders as Master of the Omniverse.

Iodrone’s are gifts to each and every Galactic Order member. Ancient Order members have no need for Iodrones. Iodrone’s are a mystery. They are amazing. They do amazing things beyond any drone you can possibly imagine. They even make it possible for the owner to travel within one. Iodrone’s can be as big as a mountain, planet, or galaxy. Iodrone’s can be small, nano, down to the size of a grain of sand. Iodrone’s also have cloaking capability.

Even with its operator inside an Iodrone. They move in silence in any direction. Iodrone’s are very protective and take on some of the personality of its owner. Which makes it easier to know the owner of each Iodrone.

Episode 1: Sirius

A distress call was picked up by the star Sirius. The message has been decoded. Urgent message. Parasites have invaded. Request eradication promptly. The Galactic Order has been dispatched. Upon arrival the G.O must assess the severity of the parasitic infestation.

The G.O must form a plan of just how best this should be dealt with. The G.O must unite in unity to deal with a infestation of this magnitude. The Galactic Order must have a great plan without harming Sirius. For remember every planet and star is very important. The infestation is brutal. This particular parasite is immune to Hydrogen. The parasite eggs thrive in Helium.

All Galactic Order members agree on one thing. Nothing shall ever disrupt the beauty nor balance of the omniverse. The one rule that rules them all is the love for the omniverse.

The G.O have decided that they must study and take samples to see if there may be a weakness that the parasites might have. This will help to plan a better method for handling this issue. The mysterious Master of the Omniverse is never seen. The Master of the Omniverse is only heard by the group known as The Order of the Ancients. Orders are given from the Master of the Omniverse to the Order of the Ancients.

The Order of the Ancients then give orders to The Galactic Order. The G.O begins taking samples by use of Iodrones. The Iodrone is an Intelligent Operated Drone. Hence the name Iodrone or I.O.D for short. Make sure you follow along as the tale begins and so do the quests. Nonstop adventure and fun await upon arrival.

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Vessels Of Clay

I keep you in vessels of clay

To mold you and break you

As I may

Always starting over

For the beginning

Is the end

The end

Is the beginning

Eternal love

Is neither

My vessels of clay

I love you

Whole or broken

I waste nothing

The omniverse teaches

You’re my moving art

No matter you’re form

My love for you

Breathes each soul

Into a new mold

My vessels of clay

You’re the living art

On display

That shall remain

My everlasting love

At play


Wanting to be

Consumed by your soul

We become

One soul

One rhythm

One light

Shining in the dark

A fiery beacon

Of fierce intensity

Luminosity engulfing

Ever embracing

Eternal flame

Burning in the halls

Of everlasting love

It’s where all

The forbidden loves

That defy all laws

Omniverse and time

Those eternal flames

Of everlasting love

That so rightfully

Earn their space

Among the realm

Of the paradise bliss

Song Of The Storm

Electric charges

In the air

I can feel you drawing near

With your flashes of light

Shining through a sky of darkness

How you draw me in

I am seeing stars

No longer cloaked

And veiled

Hidden from view

You have me seeing clear

Swept away on clouds up high

In a different plane

Will you be there

Waiting for me

Electric Charges

In the air

I feel it on my skin

As it radiates through every hair

Electric pulses

Running wild

I feel you near

You pull me close

You’re now in view

I see you there

Waiting for me

Now we are caught up

Electric charges

We are one

Taking control of this storm

Rushing across this Omniverse

We move visibly

Sharing this charge

For all to see