Your Love

I want nothing

But your love

Why does it have to be this way

You should know by now

I need nothing

But your love

When push comes to shove

I look above

Even if beyond reach

You teach

In your speech

Love is all that is needed

Now that I am breathless

Don’t be careless

I sure get restless

Try not to be reckless

Yet I stand

Knowing love is all I need

To get me through

To lift me up

To make anew

Don’t misconstrue

Become subdued

I want nothing

But your love

I have nothing

But your love

Trying to transcribe

To best describe

What has been inscribed

I need nothing

But your love

I see what is inside

How love provides

Not full of pride

How worlds collide

Where love resides



As fleeting as time can be

I try hard not to get too caught up

Our lives but a vapor

Recycled throughout time

What is time

It is but a moment

We all know moments come

Though there can be many

Remember they are fleeting

Only to last a moment

As sure as the clouds and stars above pass

So do all the moments we have

I try hard to remember

To be ever thankful for each

Always remembering

The choice is

What we do

With each moment

So never take for granted

Each and every moment

For they pave the way

For the enlightenment

Of the soul


One day you’ll look for me

You will not find me

For I have returned to the earth

From dust we are made

Dust we will return

Only one thing shall remain

My love for the things

I cared most about

Even with time

That can fade

Make wise

What you pour your heart into

So you will have a everlasting flame

That will burn for all to see

For all that you love

To always remain

You can never be too sure

Just how much time one is given

Let love in

Let love live

You don’t want to be one who misses out

The best way to learn

Is by what life deals you

No it’s not a game

It is what you make of

What you been dealt

Don’t give in

Don’t give up

Keep going to get that flame ablaze

Make your everlasting flame seen

Than a part of you

Shall always remain