The Arkabama Chronicles

The series is going to tell you stories from all over. The small town stories and cover ups everyone knows all too well, yet there are those towns of families that have sacrificed in blood and money to keep many secrets hidden. Just how far would you go to protect your secrets? Do some secrets go so deep that it involves our entire nation or perhaps even the entire globe. It takes just one person to connect us all as family.

Suspense, Drama, Horror, and Mystery all rolled into one. Just wait to see what the story tells when you catch The Arkabama Chronicles. Exposing the global conspiracies, Fake or the real deal ? 

Episode 1: Ironton

Maulana Demicco from Ohio. Not just any city from Ohio. She is from a rural area too small to be known as a town. Ironton Ohio to be exact. Growing up in such a place was not easy for young Maulana. She was being brought up primed to be just another pregnant farm chick. Not there is anything wrong with that for those who crave the freeness not to mention the countless duties involved in having a farm.

That all changed for Maulana as she set off to college. She placed high demands on herself. Made excellent marks. All in hopes of never having to return to her hometown. Anything was better than having to see that place again. Maulana made a success developing her own line of miracle cannabis oil infused products. Which by the way are quite fabulous not to mention induce amazing effects.

Maulana was off living the high life in northern California. A quaint spot just outside a place called Fortuna, off the west coast. She received a very disturbing phone call by a mysterious voice. Which told her: “She should return to Ironton immediately for the safety sake of her family.

Ironton will be evacuated in four days”. So begins the descent into the past. While in the present she must maintain her sanity. For Maulana Demicco is about to embark on a journey that possibly could just become her greatest nightmare ever.

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