The Lesson of the Prodigal (Lost) Son

This lesson is a metaphor of God’s two sons. Not an earthly family. God’s Holy family. The lesson teaches to live, but to never forget what is most important which is family. As an earthly family we should do our best to understand the lesson.

Everything has purpose to serve otherwise it would not exist. The prodigal (Lost) son turned and left family to pursue his own desires. Rebelling against family. The lost son explored all there is to explore. This all fulfills a purpose.

The purpose is in the actions of the lost son. Remember action speaks louder than words. Words are just Babel. The lost son after exploring realizes that none of this means anything without family. So the lost son decides to return home to family instead of everlasting cutting off from family.

This return home of the lost son pleased God so much because the Prodigal son has learned an important lesson. God being so overjoyed with happiness throws a party for family is restored. The lost son has fulfilled his purpose. He has returned to the family. Now as for the other son. Whom did not stray from family. He listened to God and obeyed every command. Staying close to God the Creator.

Each soul has purpose otherwise it would not exist. The other son was sent to save a multitude of souls. This way God’s family continues to grow. God could not be more happier with both sons each fulfilling their purpose. We are all on the same level. Love forgives all. Real love covers a multitude of errors. Love actually loves so much it is always ready to forgive. Time is what is the healer to love. Time is what it takes to restore and heal.

Even God’s Omniverse teaches nothing is one sided. You cannot have one without the other. How would you know blessings without suffering ? How would you know love without hate ? How would you know light without dark ? Cold without hot. Life without death. Remember purpose. Life is full of purpose. Even death has its purpose.