The Arkabama Chronicles


Concerning The Push Pin Project

The Push Pin Project or as others like to call it The PPP, or even more silly is The Tri P. Lord the day there are those who even say The “TriP”.

The PPP you see is a powerful Elite that search for just the right individual which meets exactly what the Elite seek. An innocent victim which is their prey. That individual is now a pawn of The Elite.

The pawn piece that can be used as what some call as a fall guy fall person. The pawn you sacrifice to pin all your blame upon that pawn.

Anything to keep you out of trouble or be put into harm’s way. Survival to the fittest bitches.

Now here is a grim example. The Elite kill a child so The Elite can drink the blood of the innocent. For The Elite have secrets to the facades they so easily keep. After they are finished with the most horrifying deeds The Elite are so infamous for. There is always a way to cover the tracks.

This is where the fall guy or fall person, the one who is to take the blame comes into to play. The Elite have full access to everything and anything. The Elite can dress a scene using the DNA of the pawn to hide their own crimes. The Elite are powerful and deadly.
The Elite will stop at nothing to fulfill their own purposes.

Push the Pin. Pin the crime, Pin the lie,
Pin the blame on an innocent soul to hide in plain sight.

That is what The Push Pin Project is all about. The Arkabama Chronicles tells all, knows all, and sure in the hell is not going to hold back what cannot be held in light or in darkness.
The Arkabama Triune is always watching, always gathering information. They are everywhere, yet they are nowhere.

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Push Pin Project