The Arkabama Chronicles

The Arkabama Chronicles

The series is going to tell you stories from all over. The small town stories and cover ups everyone knows all too well, yet there are those towns of families that have sacrificed in blood and money to keep many secrets hidden. Just how far would you go to protect your secrets? Do some secrets go so deep that it involves our entire nation or perhaps even the entire globe. It takes just one person to connect us all as family.

Suspense, Drama, Horror, and Mystery all rolled into one. Just wait to see what the story tells when you catch The Arkabama Chronicles. Exposing the global conspiracies, Fake or the real deal ? 

Episode 1: Ironton

Maulana Demicco from Ohio. Not just any city from Ohio. She is from a rural area too small to be known as a town. Ironton Ohio to be exact. Growing up in such a place was not easy for young Maulana. She was being brought up primed to be just another pregnant farm chick. Not there is anything wrong with that for those who crave the freeness not to mention the countless duties involved in having a farm.

That all changed for Maulana as she set off to college. She placed high demands on herself. Made excellent marks. All in hopes of never having to return to her hometown. Anything was better than having to see that place again. Maulana made a success developing her own line of miracle cannabis oil infused products. Which by the way are quite fabulous not to mention induce amazing effects.

Maulana was off living the high life in northern California. A quaint spot just outside a place called Fortuna, off the west coast. She received a very disturbing phone call by a mysterious voice. Which told her: “She should return to Ironton immediately for the safety sake of her family.

Ironton will be evacuated in four days”. So begins the descent into the past. While in the present she must maintain her sanity. For Maulana Demicco is about to embark on a journey that possibly could just become her greatest nightmare ever.

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The Arkabama Chronicles


Concerning The Push Pin Project

The Push Pin Project or as others like to call it The PPP, or even more silly is The Tri P. There are those who even say The “TriP”.
The PPP you see is a powerful Elite that search for just the right individual which meets exactly what the Elite seek. An innocent victim which is their prey. That individual is now a pawn of The Elite.

The pawn piece that can be used as what some call as a fall guy fall person. The pawn you sacrifice to pin all your blame upon that pawn.
Anything to keep you out of trouble or be put into harm’s way. Survival to the fittest bitches.

Now here is a grim example. The Elite kill a child so The Elite can drink the blood of the innocent. For The Elite have secrets to the facades they so easily keep. After they are finished with the most horrifying deeds The Elite are so infamous for. There is always a way to cover the tracks.

This is where the fall guy or fall person, the one who is to take the blame comes into to play. The Elite have full access to everything and anything. The Elite can dress a scene using the DNA of the pawn to hide their own crimes. The Elite are powerful and deadly.
The Elite will stop at nothing to fulfill their own purposes. Push Pin. Pin the crime, Pin the lie,

Pin the blame on an innocent soul to hide in plain sight. That is what The Push Pin Project is all about.

The Arkabama Chronicles tells all, knows all, and sure in the hell is not going to hold back what cannot be held in light or in darkness.

The Arkabama Triune is always watching, always gathering information. They are everywhere, yet they are nowhere. Where are they ? Answer: They are here and everywhere.

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The Arkabama Chronicles


Concerning Project Zenith

Project Zenith is over two thousand years old. The purpose put into Zenith is its core objectives. Which has been able to maintain its hold for a period. Now a time has come when it is no longer needed.

The objectives you see are to spy on the population while maintaining control of the people it adopts. It is a global spy network that is cloaked in what can be seen only as a good thing in the name of God.

All sins that are confessed to another is data collected on you. If it so happens that data collected on you sets off red flags, such data (information) is then sent off to the Vatican which is one of the many headquarters of project Zenith.

I know right, real shocker. Who would’ve thought the Catholic Church is one of the many spying projects from history. For there are many others.

Wait to you see just how far Zenith would go to protect the project and how your data (information) was used in the days before advanced technology. Entire lineages have suffered from project Zenith. 

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The Arkabama Chronicles


Concerning Project Voukolos

Project Voukolos deals with multiple social dating apps and websites. The Voukolos is a society of people that live like normal everyday citizens. The groups obsession is posing on different social dating apps and websites to find their victims.

Only until recently with the advancements made in technology and
the ability to implement them into space for use. We can now see beneath the surface of the earth. We have been able to uncover multiple hidden private cemeteries hidden under private land in rural areas around the globe. This is aiding in solving very old murder cases as well take down organizations that use humans in unnatural ways.

There are those however, who think they are part of this society when in fact they aren’t. They are just very sloppy at what they do. Most of the time dumping the victims off in rural roads, fields, rivers, lakes, and ravines. The Voukolos are never sloppy. Technology is too advance now to hide crimes as well with all the advancements made with DNA.
As more and more of the evils of humankind are exposed. Humanities society is unhinging at the horrors unraveling.

There is not much else to be said about the Voukolos project. As of currently we are seeing it dissolve rather quickly. For your safety always be very cautious when using dating apps and websites. Project Voukolos is now considered a project of exposure.

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The Galactic Order

The Galactic Order

A sci-fi , action, adventure series. The series is going to follow the adventures of The Galactic Order as well as The Order of the Ancients. You are promised to learn a lot of the secrets of the Omniverse. Planets, stars, constellations, iodrones, and, dimensional layers of excitement await within the series. Learning to read star maps is a must for navigational skills while space traveling.

The Galactic Order vows to save and protect all reaches of space. To keep the omniverse in peace, justice, order, and harmony. They are also known as the keepers of all time and knowledge. The Galactic Order is governed by The Order of the Ancients, which is governed by the mysterious one known to all orders as Master of the Omniverse.

Iodrone’s are gifts to each and every Galactic Order member. Ancient Order members have no need for Iodrones. Iodrone’s are a mystery. They are amazing. They do amazing things beyond any drone you can possibly imagine. They even make it possible for the owner to travel within one. Iodrone’s can be as big as a mountain, planet, or galaxy. Iodrone’s can be small, nano, down to the size of a grain of sand. Iodrone’s also have cloaking capability.

Even with its operator inside an Iodrone. They move in silence in any direction. Iodrone’s are very protective and take on some of the personality of its owner. Which makes it easier to know the owner of each Iodrone.

Episode 1: Sirius

A distress call was picked up by the star Sirius. The message has been decoded. Urgent message. Parasites have invaded. Request eradication promptly. The Galactic Order has been dispatched. Upon arrival the G.O must assess the severity of the parasitic infestation.

The G.O must form a plan of just how best this should be dealt with. The G.O must unite in unity to deal with a infestation of this magnitude. The Galactic Order must have a great plan without harming Sirius. For remember every planet and star is very important. The infestation is brutal. This particular parasite is immune to Hydrogen. The parasite eggs thrive in Helium.

All Galactic Order members agree on one thing. Nothing shall ever disrupt the beauty nor balance of the omniverse. The one rule that rules them all is the love for the omniverse.

The G.O have decided that they must study and take samples to see if there may be a weakness that the parasites might have. This will help to plan a better method for handling this issue. The mysterious Master of the Omniverse is never seen. The Master of the Omniverse is only heard by the group known as The Order of the Ancients. Orders are given from the Master of the Omniverse to the Order of the Ancients.

The Order of the Ancients then give orders to The Galactic Order. The G.O begins taking samples by use of Iodrones. The Iodrone is an Intelligent Operated Drone. Hence the name Iodrone or I.O.D for short. Make sure you follow along as the tale begins and so do the quests. Nonstop adventure and fun await upon arrival.

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Powers That Be

To the powers that be

I call to thee

Hearken to me

I need my love here with me

It’s a dark cold night

As we entwine

Keeping warm in lust’s embrace

We sway to a rhythmic beat

Producing sweet music all through dawn

Our sweat begins to pour

All the while

Consumed into our pleasure

We’ll climax together

In the heat of the sun’s light

Holding each other ever so tight

We drift blissfully to sleep

Powers that be

Please bring my love to me

Enchanted Forest

I carved our love in the wood

Of the tree we once stood

In that enchanted forest

If those trees could speak

The forest would burn in flames

From the passion we shared

Under the veil of night

Secluded by the life of the forest

We exchanged our lust that night

In the enchanted forest

We became one with all

In remembrance of us

I marked the spot

Where we revealed ourselves

The universe circling above us

I placed your head on my chest

You felt the heart pumping

That drumming beat

Became the rhythm of the forest

Then we began our dance

Intertwined with one another

Tied to the night

Tied to the moment

In the enchanted forest

Time stood still

As we became one

Bound in unity

Bathed by the moonlight

We shined ever so bright

Our stardust sparkling

When caught in the beams

The spark of creation

The magic happening

So native

So free

Within the enchanted forest

Is where we found our truth

Hidden deep within

Connect The Dots

Connect the dots

Reveal what’s hidden

Connect the dots

It tells a story

Connect the dots

You’ll see the whole picture

Connect the dots

You’ll soon have the secret

Of what is hidden

Connect the dots

To enter heaven

Connect the dots

Till you have it perfect

Connect the dots

To see the story

Connect the dots

You’ll see the whole picture

Connect the dots

Till the end

Connect the dots

For your full story

Vessels Of Clay

I keep you in vessels of clay

To mold you and break you

As I may

Always starting over

For the beginning

Is the end

The end

Is the beginning

Eternal love

Is neither

My vessels of clay

I love you

Whole or broken

I waste nothing

The omniverse teaches

You’re my moving art

No matter you’re form

My love for you

Breathes each soul

Into a new mold

My vessels of clay

You’re the living art

On display

That shall remain

My everlasting love

At play